Thursday, April 15, 2010

There Was An Indian In The Corner Trying On My Clothes

We played Tulsa, OK last night. Started off the afternoon w/ a trip to the radio station to perform "Animal" on the air. Very nice peeps there. It was my first time playing the new Gretsch bass. We then went to the Brady Theater to do a "meet & greet" w/ some fans. This was also the first date that Mute Math were on the bill, so it was cool to meet them and chat. Cool dudes for sure. The theater was built in the 1920's and is said to be haunted??? We went exploring thru some of the walkways upstairs and it was kind of a trip. Our set was a blast. Since we've been getting radio play, there were some good sing-a-longs. We also filmed some of our show for MTV.

30 STM guitars

Mute Math performing

Random building I liked in downtown Tulsa, across from our hotel.

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