Sunday, April 11, 2010

Henderson and Laaaaaaaaaas Vegas

The first show was in Las Vegas last night. It was a blast!. We were rushed to the stage to start a few minutes early. It was very similar to the hit and run style of shows I grew up playing in Las Vegas. Except the Elks Lodge was The Pearl, and there were 2500 people there. The stage was big, which allowed us some room to stretch. And I was able to really crank my amp since the room was big.  We saw lots of old friends and family, and also met 30 Seconds to Mars. They are all nice guys, and Jared Leto made a fun entrance when revealed to Tyler that they both have bleach blonde mohawks. Em and I were comp'd a suite at the Palms, which we found out is normally priced at $2000 per night. You can see the view we had from our balcony. And the back road we'd take to go from backstage back to the room. And I loved seeing this road case that once belonged to a legend!

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