Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Passed The Headliner On The Street Today

Today was a 15 hour driving day. Which means lots of headphone time in the van. I listened to James Brown, Mute Math, The Jayhawks, and a big shout for Jenny Lewis's "Rises Up with Fists". The bass line had me locked in. Also some Stooges and Johnny Cash. Tyler edited together some flipcam footage. That is looking awesome. We ate at a classic supper house in BFE New Mexico. Great bean burritos!!!!

The highlight of the day for me was when we stopped in Albuquerque. One of my BFF's Brian "Chili Dawg" Isakson and Miles met us at the Whole Foods near their house. Miles is 4 and was excited to tell me he watched our band on the computer, then asked where the rest of the band was. After meeting Tyler, he kept wanting to know more about the band. "Where does Tyler live?".  I love Miles. Brian is nice too I guess. ha ha. Brian is the best because he keeps in touch no matter what. I am not so good at that on my end. Because he's consistent, we've always stayed in touch. It was a real treat to see them today. Congrats to them (and Kelli and Otis) for their new baby brother, Charlie.

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  1. It was great to see you in ABQ. Hopefully you can come for a longer stay soon!